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Border called PLETER is manufactured of three kinds of exotic wood (wenge, mahogany, snake skin).
Size of tiles is 3,2 x 3,2 x 3,2 mm and their are aligned manually piece by piece in an oak cradle whose thickness can vary of customer's wishes. 
Bordure itself is 10 cm wide and square meter has 10 000 tiles.
Total wideness of border with oak is 14 cm and thickness is 22 cm.














Furniture border is made of two exotics (padouk, mahogany) and domestic acacia. Tile dimensions are 3 x 3 x 3 mm and it's edged with red-wooded band of 3 x 5 x 132 mm. It can be continued in endless sequence.













Furniture border is manufactured of acacia that has been cut on two ways, oak and wenge. Tile dimensions are 1,5 x 1,5 x 1,5 mm and edge is made of black wood 3 x 5 x 54 mm.  It can be continued in endless sequence.









Furniture inlays.
They can be made of different types of wood and various sizes and motives.
Their distinction is filigree work because there are made of tiles with dimensions of 0,8 x 0,8 x 0,8 mm.



Picture GOLUBICA  (DOVE) is made of acacia and oak, with size 16 x 18,7 cm.
Tile dimensions are 3,2 x 3,2 mm.
Specificity of this type of manufacture are two-sides of every picture and border, whish is shown at pictures above. This way one can make paravan walls. On each side is same picture, only differently turned.


We can produce various borders, inlays, paravans, table boards, pictures etc. and from different wood types by orderer's request. 
This is exclusively hand made which need a lot of hard work and and time so it can past few months from order until delivery, depending of work proportion.
Price at inquiry.



Every mosaic is unique work of art.Ss